From Germany to Japan…..over the years, Asquith vehicles have been exported to at least 20 countries around the world and have proven to be a huge success as both a marketing tool and a sound investment


Purchased by all types of businesses, so the client list is not only impressive, but confirms that Asquith is a proven method of marketing


These unique replicas of a bygone era will associate quality and history with your brand. They look fantastic and make people stop, stare and smile. The image and therefore the brand will stay with them…….…this is positive, memorable advertising at its best!


"Advertising That Delivers!"



Vehicle media is a very powerful tool and a busy vehicle can be seen by over 3000 people* every hour of the working day. Compare this with the high cost of television and radio advertising, or the limited audience of a magazine article and the advantages are obvious.........


It Just Gets Better Though!


This is an exclusive product, hand built in small numbers, so the crazy thing is that if you ever want to sell your vehicle, the second hand values remain high, making it an incredible value for money proposition!



*report conducted by 3M Europe