The Shetland


The original Shetland was baby of the bunch and built on a Reliant Fox chassis with an 800cc petrol engine.


No longer in production but we may redevelop a new version in the future, possibly an electric vehicle







Large Mascot Bus: 12-18 Seats



We often get asked for a larger bus and plan to develop a similar style bus on a much larger chassis to enable up to 18 passengers.


No definite plans just yet, but watch this space......






The Royale Sabre



The Sabre is a classic two seat sports car which is due to be re-launched soon



Designed by John Barlow, and though unique, it takes its inspiration from the classic 1930's sports cars produced by Delahaye and Delage in France


Built on its own custom built chassis and with a Ford Duratec engine and all new Ford mechanics, it offers high levels of performance



For more information contact us












The Royale Windsor


The Windsor is a beautiful limousine, again designed by John Barlow. This car takes inspiration from the classic Bentley and Rolls Royce cars from the 1950's. A very special vehicle which is often used in the wedding car business.


The elegance of a 1950's styled classic, but with modern levels of comfort and reliability


Contact us for more information on launch dates