How easy are the Asquith vehicles to insure?

These vehicles are built on a modern Iveco chassis. The body is fibreglass and therefore minor repairs are easily repaired by competent specialists.

We can supply various sections of the body mould to ensure the vehicle is repaired economically.


We will soon provide information on insurance companies who can provide immediate quotes for these vehicles.



Do you offer finance?


We plan to offer financing options for companies to purchase these vehicles through standard lease and contract hire arrangements. More information will follow



Do you provide a warranty?


Both the Shire and Mascot will have a standard warranty from Iveco which covers the chassis and mechanical parts. Non Iveco parts will be covered by a parts only warranty for one year.


More information will be made available soon.



What about spares?


The new version of the Shire and Mascot are built on the Iveco Daily chassis and most spares can be easily obtained from any Iveco dealer.

For non mechanical parts we can provide the majority of spares and will soon offer this through an online shop.


Vehicles built before 1997 were built on the Ford Transit chassis and most of these are available online. Try or


The smaller Shetland was built on the “Reliant Fox” chassis and unfortunately these vehicles are no longer available. Spares are available through some specialist sites. Try : or



What about certification in Europe?


The Shire and Mascot will all be certified by the new European requirements under the 'I.V.A.' (Individual Vehicle Authorisation) tests and this confirms the vehicle meets European standards.


This ‘type approval’ shows that the vehicle is built to European standards oF quality and safety. Member countries should recognise this certification and we have confirmed this with a number of countries e.g TUV in Germany.



What about Sales Tax?


Prices quoted do not include VAT (sales tax) as most purcashers will be able to claim this amount back for commercial use.


It is the responsibility of the purchaser outside UK to comply with the tax laws of the country to which the vehicle may be imported and to pay such taxes as may fall due.



Do You Have Agents in Other Countries?


We are in the process of identifying new agents. These agents will have access to demonstrator vehicles and will be able to discuss your requirements in detail.


Until that time, sales will be undertaken direct with us in the UK.



Are There Asquith Owners’ Clubs?


There is an Owners’ Club in Germany and their website is


We hope to support any other Owners Clubs in due course...please contact us if you are interested in this