Asquith vehicles have classic looks which are best complimented with a paint colour and livery to match that style. It’s so important to ensure that you marry the image of your company with the style of the vehicles and give the impression that this is an authentic vehicle from the 1920’s in mint condition.


Compliment your vehicle by using classic colours such as ‘British Racing Green’ or a classic dark blue. Brighter colours such as a dramatic red or yellow can also work very well.


When planning what to advertise on the side, then choose a font that fits with the era of the Asquith and plan how the logo and text will look on this moving billboard….try not to overcrowd the available space with too many messages and remember that less…. sometimes is more!


We can provide a design service and send you drawings of any vehicle in your livery.


It may also add to the authenticity, if you are able to purchase an old number plate that will disguise the fact that this is a brand new vehicle!