The Asquith Mascot is our flagship vehicle and is ideal for those companies who wish to transport their passengers in real style and leave with them with a lasting memory.....proven to be an asset unlike any other of its type.


However, these are not antiques….each vehicle is built on a new chassis and the engine is the latest “Euro 4” category diesel which supplies masses of torque to give your passengers a smooth and comfortable ride.





Standard features include quality carpets and comfortable seats with integrated seat belts, but it’s possible to add leather seats, climate control and a whole host of other extras to provide your customers with something completely different.


Put all together, the Asquith Mascot is a superb mix of classic style and modern reliability blended together in a unique method of transportation.


Financially it makes sense too…..built in small numbers you can use it and when it’s time to sell, you will find no shortage of other companies looking to take it off your hands.



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