This is a modern 3.5ton delivery van which is both elegant and practical


Painted in your company colours and with your logo, the Shire provides a memorable form of advertising and makes a positive connection to your product which will be asociated with the characteristics of quality, style and heritage.


Don’t let the classic looks deceive you because this is in fact, a modern and reliable workhorse. Built on the new 'Iveco Daily' chassis, it has a galvanised steel sub frame and the latest Iveco ‘Euro 4’ engine.





The main body captures the classic lines of a vintage vehicle, yet built from fibreglass and therefore it will never rust.


The ‘artillery’ wheels are custom made for Asquith, and when painted to match one of the chosen body colours, this really sets off the look of the Shire and turns it into something extra special.


Other features include the traditional style radiator and vintage headlights, which all add to the nostalgia and charm that make this a unique vehicle.


"Advertising That Delivers!"